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Our goal is to provide the engineering and manufacturing professional with a one-stop resource of Connecticut related industry news and products.

CTindustry.com became our founder’s endeavor after experiencing firsthand the challenges lower cost regions pose on today’s local manufacturer.

We are among those that see the pendulum is already swinging the other direction. All the projected cost savings the outsourcing proponents have been touting simply have not materialized, certainly not to the extant that was envisioned. Indeed, according to Industry Week magazine’s July 2006 article, Outsourcing: Hedge The Low-Wage Wager, low-cost overseas production is far from the whole story... this was back in 2006! A little more recent, an opinion piece in Design News, Nov. 2009 (1) , Chief Engineer Richard Glasson cites several examples of devastating quality issues from overseas suppliers, including Boeing’s outsourcing reversal. Still not convinced? Just this year, an article in CNN Money by contributing editor Sheridan Prasso, identifies several manufacturers that have moved their operations back to the U.S.

    We seek to provide a mechanism for in-state manufacturers to interact, with the objective of building synergies that will attract and retain engineering employers and employees in Connecticut - leading to economic benefits for the entire state.


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